Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Project 3 - Final Submission - Digital Version of Presentation Panels

Project 3 - Final Submission - Model

Project 3 - Final Submission - Drawings and Renderings.

Project 3 - Final Submission - Client

Client - Gillie and Marc Schattner
Field - Contemporary Artists
Website - http://www.gillieandmarc.com/index.html

Brief -
- A large room capable of displaying paintings and sculptures up to 5 square meters and for relatively large installations
- Smaller room(s) for displaying items such as photographs, water colours, prints and small sculptures.
- An office, min. 10 square meters.
- Workshop, min. 20 square meters.
- Stockroom, min. 20 squares meters.
- A small bed-sit apartment with bathroom, min. 40 square meters.
- A living area adjacent to the apartment which has a kitchen facilities for gallery functions, 20 square meters

(Above brief is taken from the project 3 handout.)

Proposed Site - 259 King Street Newtown, NSW

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Project 3 - More Rough Renderings.

Long Section.
Roof Plan.
First Level Plan.
Ground Level Plan.

Project 3 - Rough Rendering.

From the connecting bridge looking down to the courtyard.
From the main gallery looking into the secondary gallery and courtyard.
Viewing Gallery on the first level.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Assignment 2 - Model and 3D Renderings.

Model - Basal Wood
Renderings - Model and rendered in 3DSMax

Because it was hard to take any decent photos of the interior of the model, I decided to do some computer rendering of what the interior will look like with the correct material applied. Consist of 2 scenes with different lighting conditions.